Stay Safe On Britain’s Roads

In recent years, new cars have been supplied with spare tyres less and less often, to the point that there’s now just a handful of remaining manufacturers continuing to do so.

While they are required to provide you with a means of continuing your journey, that often only means for the first year, which is why they will often give you a year’s breakdown cover included with a new vehicle – after that it’s up to you.

Waiting for hours at the roadside is far less convenient than swapping the dud tyre for the spare in the boot though – hardly a customer focused change on the part of the car makers.

What you can do though is to go back to the good old ways from the good old days. It’s almost always possible to add a spare wheel as an optional extra. Similarly, you can invest in a car tyre inflator too – something we’re very big fans of – hence the name of the site!